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Highest-paid lawyers in the continent

Chilean Lawyers: the best paid in Latin America. It comes as no surprise that US lawyers, followed by Canadians, have…

Lawyers, do you really need an MBA?

"It won’t earn you more money, but for sure, it will shape the way you think." At least that’s what the majority of…

7 facts of the 7 Sisters

We've analyzed the profiles of over 25 hundred lawyers currently working for a select group of Canadian law firms known…

Law Schools that will land you a job on Bay Street

Maclean’s Magazine compares law schools every year. Osgoode Hall has routinely ranked in the bottom third* when it…

Multi-Bar Lawyers in Canada

We analyzed the profiles of 3,142 lawyers who currently work in Canada’s largest law firms and surveyed quite a few…

How Much Money do Lawyers Earn in Chile?

In Chile we don't have Glassdoor nor RollOnFridays to benchmark salaries. Not until Idealis Reports started placing…